Tennis Arcade VR


Tennis Arcade VR is an arcade tennis game featuring many interesting game modes, realistic physics, global leaderboards and even a PvP mode where you can prove your tennis skills to the world! The game combines familiar games like darts and football with tennis while also making up some new ones providing variety and fun for anyone.

4 Game Modes

  • Single game – compete in a game of your choice
  • Tournament – play through all of the games in succession and prove your overall skills
  • Party mode – fun party experience where players take their turn playing and compete against each other
  • PvP – play online against other challengers in a special PvP arena designed to test your reflexes and precision


  • 8 unique and fun games
  • Killer soundtrack that will get your blood pumping
  • Beatiful realistic graphics combined with arcade elements
  • Global leaderboards
  • Online PvP
Project image